Welcome to Smart Dental Care

At Smart Dental Care, we are passionate about providing friendly and caring dentistry- we provide general, cosmetic and specialist dental treatments of the highest standard. With more than 30 dental practices based in Northern Ireland, England and the Republic of Ireland, we are a growing dental group with the sole aim to offer affordable, high quality care through conveniently located practices that offer tailored care to patients. We are also dedicated to local community support and engage in ethically-oriented practices.

We offer a range of treatments such as Dental Implants, Adult Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening and many more. If you would like information on any of our various treatments, please fill the form on the ‘Contact us’ page or call us to register and arrange a consultation appointment with our Treatment Coordinator. 


Why Choose Smart Dental Care?

Whether you need a cosmetic dentist or private dental care, we will provide the very best dental solutions. Our dentists are highly qualified and  experienced in carrying out all of the dental treatments that we offer. We provide affordable care while not compromising on quality. We also hold regular open days or open evenings with special offers for patients to have free consultation to discuss treatments they are considering.


Wide range of treatments in cosmetic, general and specialist dentistry

Upcoming Events

Open days or open evenings for free consultations with special discounts

Job Opportunities

We are constantly on the look out for talented dentists, dental nurses and receptionists to join our Smart Team

Contact Us

Contact us to register, book or rearrange an appointment, or if you require more information about our treatments

We Accept PRSI Patients

Did you know that if you pay PRSI contributions, you may be entitled to an Exam, Scale & polish for only €15 at Smart Dental Care?*

The scheme, run by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP), is available to farmers and workers who have the required number of PRSI contributions. It entitles qualified workers to one Exam, Scale and Polish at a subsidised rate per calendar year

Please ask at reception to find out if you are entitled to subsidised dental care under the scheme. For more information on the scheme, please visit the Department of Employment and Social Protection website.

*Terms and Conditions

PRSI is not applicable to all treatments and is subject to separate eligibility requirements – please refer to the Department of Social Protection for further details.



Flexi-Fi Financing

Sometimes your budget doesn’t leave room for getting the dental treatments that you really want. That is why we have partnered with Flexi-Fi to allow you to pay for your treatments in instalments.

You can select a plan that suits you and you can even pay back early without any penalties, putting you in total control. Check out payment plans examples and actual plans that suit you. You can also get a quote or make an application to see if you qualify for finance today.

Vhi Dental Network

Looking after your oral health is important but it can sometimes be costly. Vhi Dental Plan helps you to manage your routine dental costs and gives you financial insurance for major treatment and emergencies. 

You can opt-in for Investigative & Preventive Treatment for Everyday Dental Cover. You can make your check-ups, exams, cleanings more relaxing knowing that your Vhi Dental Plan covers it all. Check out which plan works best for you.